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Welcome to the new Sukata MMA website. Please take your time to browse at your leisure. We will be updating the site at regular intervals and will be uploading techniques and articles in our news section.

About Sukata MMA

The Sukata MMA academy offers the best Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiujitsu training available in Blackpool and Preston. We have top class facilities and have world class tuition available in MMA, BJJ, Thai Boxing, Western Boxing, Wrestling and Self Defence. All of our coaches are experienced in all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts.Check out our class schedule page for details of days and times of specific arts taught.

Sukata Mixed Martial Arts

Beginner and intermediate classes available at all of our Academy locations. We have a dedicated team of coaches whose aim is to make you a complete fighter. Wether your goal is to compete or just train for fun, The Sukata Academy is the place for you. Why not try one of our introduction classes, call today and book your place-07843091829. Classes are taken by experianced MMA coaches, we currently have 3 undefeated MMA fighters at our Blackpool academy and regularly train under Mario Sukata, the head coach @ Wolfslair MMA and Michael Bispings coach.

Sukata Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Train with Blackpools highest ranked Brazilian Jiu-jitsu coach- Gary Savage. Gary is a Black Belt under Mario Sukata, the head coach at the world famous Wolfslair MMA academy. In 2000 and again in 2009 Gary won a European Brazilian Jiu-jitsu title, in 2009 he got a gold Medal in Brazil in the International masters and Seniors BJJ tournament. Our classes are geared towards teaching the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to the highest of standards and in achieving this aim we have regular coaching sessions at our main gym by Mario Sukata, 3rd degree Black belt under the late Carlson Gracie. For more information on our BJJ programme call- 07843091829 today.


Submission Wrestling

In addition to our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gi class, we also teach Submission Wrestling. We are active competitors and enjoy a great reputation on the Grappling circuit. Contact today for more information.

K1/ Thai Kickboxing

K1/Thai boxing is one of the best self defence systems available. It is also a great workout.

For information on our K1/Kickboxing class contact Richard Tingey on 07899798132 or Gary Savage 07843091829


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